Experience summary

  • In this exciting virtual masterclass, you will learn how to make delicious Bavarian-stye soft pretzels at home
  • Your expert chef will show your team step-by-step how to create the most delicious pretzels
  • This is a super laid-back masterclass and you are encouraged to ask all of your burning culinary questions
  • You’ll learn tips and tricks throughout the session, learning about different ways to create pretzel dough and how the yeast helps create that famous chewy dough
  • Why not add a drinks delivery and a delicious pimento cheese dip to your experience, for the ultimate indulgent team experience


  • $135pp for the masterclass & event pack*
  • *Includes contiguous shipping and taxes
  • Shipping can vary between states

Booking details

  • Can be adapted to suit your event or occasion
  • Monday – Sunday, 8am – 12am (ETD, MDT, PST, BST) – subject to availability
  • A hosting fee may also apply

Full experience details

Learn how to make the most delicious Bavarian soft-style pretzels in this fun and casual masterclass!

Treat your team to a fun and culinary educational experience, making soft-style pretzels in the comfort of your own home. Your top chef from BAKE! will guide your group through the process of creating delicious Bavarian pretzels, explaining how the yeast works and how you can create that infamous chewy dough. They will demonstrate the differences in various pretzel making techniques and explain their very own delicious recipe!

Once your group has knotted the perfect pretzels, compare them with your team and show off your culinary creations. To really indulge, add a drinks delivery and Zingerman’s infamous pimento cheese dip! Sit back, relax and enjoy your delicious pretzels with your team!

Our standard pretzel making masterclass event format:

–> An intro from your master chef (& you too if you would like!), they will make sure everyone has their event packs ready and ready to get those creative pretzel juices flowing
–> Your expert BAKE! chef will show you step-by-step how to perfect your pretzel skills
–> You will be shown how to make, shape, dip and bake Bavarian-style soft pretzels
–> This is a really fun session, your event host will share interesting facts about pretzels and explain the difference between dipping in baking soda versus lye, demonstrating virtually
–> They will share tips and tricks, explain how yeast behaves and what it’s doing in your soft pretzels
–> Once all of the pretzels are out of the oven, you can now compare and show off your culinary creations!
–> Maybe even add a drinks delivery and the famous Zingerman’s pimento cheese dip to really top off you pretzel experience!

What will be in your pretzel masterclass event pack:

–> Barley malt
–> Butter
–> Instant yeast
–> All purpose flour
–> Sea salt
–> Coarse salt
–> Baking soda
–> Parchment paper

Materials you will need at home:

–> Oven
–> Baking Sheet

Additional Add-ons:

–> Add THE most delicious pimento cheese dip, perfect for dipping for an additional $27pp
–> Add drinks to your event from $24pp + shipping

Terms & conditions

  • Full payment is required upon confirmation of your booking.
  • For delivery of the experience pack, full names, addresses, emails will need to be provided 2 weeks prior to the experience date.
  • We respect your privacy and take it extremely seriously. All personal information relating to your booking is deleted within 7 days of your event taking place
  • Full terms and conditions available here
  • Depending on the format of your event, a hosting fee may also apply