An In-Person Wellbeing Workshop Led By Qualified Doctors



  • Choose from a range of science based wellbeing workshops
  • Hosted by Dr. Alex Lai and Dr. Nirja Joshi, The WorkWell Doctors
  • Topics include “Resilience & Burnout,” “Motivation & Productivity,” “Digital Rest & Wellbeing” & “Workload & Boundary Setting” (Full list & details below)
  • Each workshop is customised to the needs of your team
  • Available for nationwide booking


  • 60 min Workshop: £1,000 up to 50 people and then £16pp thereafter
  • 120 min Workshop: £1,500 up to 50 people and then £20pp thereafter

Booking details

  • Available for nationwide booking
  • A hosting fee may also apply
  • An additional transport fee may also apply


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Full Experience Details

Choose from a range of in-person wellbeing topics hosted by The WorkWell Doctors. Each session will be tailored to your group’s needs and goals.

For 60min sessions one topic can be covered for 120min sessions two topics can be covered.


The WorkWell Doctors (Dr. Alex Lai and Dr. Nirja Joshi) are a duo of energised family medicine physicians with a wealth of knowledge in advocating and supporting staff.

They united through a recognition of the risks of burnout and understand the value of prioritising the emotional and physical wellbeing of the workforce. They thoroughly believe that every member of a team can feel empowered with this knowledge to improve their workplace wellbeing and overall happiness and health. They aim to create a supportive workplace that prioritises long term wellbeing, for the individual and the organisation.

They have run sessions across the globe, remotely and in person, for corporate teams, healthcare staff and other professional organisations.


Resilience and Burnout – At the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to have a greater understanding identifying issues with burnout, and strategies to help to improve. 

Digital Rest & Wellbeing – Your hosts will walk you through how to treat the repercussions of ‘too much tech’, from physical health issues such as eye strain and headaches, to mental health issues such as difficulties sleeping and anxiety. Lastly, in this workshop, you will learn helpful tips and techniques to: rest better, take breaks and how this can help your working day.

Motivate & Improve Productivity – Whether you’re in an office or online, the culture of how your team works together is important to help your team feel motivated, part of a team and productive.

Workload & Boundary Setting – We all struggle to manage the tasks to be completed each week, and dream of more time to finish off the never ending to-do list. This workshop will help establish why the to-do list may need to become a thing of the past and introduce you to tools such as the Eisenhower Matrix, Pomodoro technique and the strategies you need to truly set boundaries in your working life!

Physical Health & Nutrition – The WorkWell Doctors will help you to understand the main issues impacting our physical health and nutrition whilst at work. They use evidence-based advice to help you and your team develop a toolkit for both the individual and team, to build a healthier workplace for your team.



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