Experience summary

  • Take on your colleagues in this competitive and immersive online gameshow
  • You’ll be fully immersed via livestream into a world of classic TV gameshows from Spelling Bee (1930s), Reel of Fortune (1970s), You Want to Be a Millionaire? (1990s),  2 Minutes to Win It (2000s) and more!
  • Complete challenges, upload videos, solve riddles and risk it all on the ‘wheel of fortune’
  • Perfect for small or large groups and for teams looking to compete against each other!


  • $745 for up to 20 people, then $35 for each additional person (for bookings 8am – 5pm EDT, 8am – 2pm PST, 8am – 10pm BST)
  • $900 for up to 20 people, then $42.50 for each additional person (6pm – 11pm EDT, 3pm – 8pm PST, 10pm – 2am BST)

Booking details

  • Can be adapted to suit your event or occasion
  • Monday – Sunday, 8am – 12am EST – subject to availability
  • Available internationally
  • 2 devices are needed per player
  • A hosting fee may also apply


Full experience details

This virtual, interactive, competitive game takes you on a fully immersive journey through the history of game shows where teams will take on challenges, quizzes, puzzles and more.

You’ll begin in the 1930s with the first-ever televised game show ‘Spelling Bee’, and then continue through the decades ending in the modern-day.

Players and teams compete head-to-head in mock-ups of the most popular games from each decade answering questions, completing challenges, uploading videos, placing bets, and risk it all on a wheel of fortune.

Everyone meets together at the start and then breakout into teams (you can choose)  as they travel through time, solving questions, puzzles and challenges. Teams will come together for the grand finale!

For each round you’ll be fully immersed via livestream into the world of some the following TV gameshows:

–> Spelling Bee (1930s)
–> Groucho Marx Secret Word (1940s)
–> People are Punny & Name That Tune (1950s)
–> Let’s Cut a Deal (1960s)
–> Reel of Fortune, Price It Right & Jeopardy (1970s)
–> Supermarket Suite & Doubly Dare (1980s)
–> You Want to Be a Millionaire? (1990s)
–> Scoreless, Bankers Deal, 2 Minutes to Win It (2000s).

Our standard event format:

–> You’ll get logged onto Bucket Race’s unique website to start your game. There will be instructions to follow to make sure everyone is set up

–> There will be various rounds as you’re set up in teams or head to head. You’ll be taken into separate virtual teams to discuss your answers before entering them on the sheet provided on the website

–> Once you’ve gone through each round you’ll be able to come back together to see who’s won!


Arrange for beverages & snacks to be delivered alongside your experience from $80pp (inc US delivery). Contact us for full details & options available.

Terms & conditions

  • Full payment is required upon confirmation of your booking.
  • Full terms and conditions available here
  • Depending on the format of your event, a hosting fee may also apply