• Who is Avva Experience?

    Avva Experience is on a mission to become the world’s leading provider of experiences for corporate events.

    With remote working here to stay, our virtual, hybrid and live experiences allow companies to connect, engage & entertain their employees & clients. Working with our team of hosts & suppliers, we offer a huge range of amazing experiences, ensuring our clients can always find the right experience for their occasion.

    We’ve quickly become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of virtual experiences for corporate events and, more recently, we’ve launched our service into the US. We now have very ambitious plans for the business as we grow our virtual, hybrid and live experience channels to fulfil our global ambitions.

    So far, we’ve arranged 2,000+ online events and now work with over 500 corporate clients including the likes of Google,  Amazon, J.P Morgan, Morgan Stanley,  Goldman Sachs and Tik Tok.

  • Why choose Avva Experience?

    Here’s 4 reasons why we’re the best in the business when it comes to experiences: :

    1. We have a unique offering:  Choose from a huge range of hand-picked experiences exclusive to us.
    2. You’ll receive expert guidance: You’ll have a dedicated Account Manager & Event Specialist  assigned to every booking, answering any questions and ensuring your event runs smoothly.
    3. We’re a trusted provider: We work with 500+ corporate clients including some of the biggest companies in the world
    4. We love bespoke: We know all events are unique, that’s why we adapt our experiences to suit your requirements
  • What companies do you work with?

    We work with 500+ corporate clients and are trusted by some of the world’s largest companies. You can view some of our testimonials here.

  • Do you have any testimonials & case studies?

    Yes, you can view some of our testimonials & case studies here.

  • Do you work with Event Agencies?

    Yes, we welcome new partnership opportunities. Please get in touch with [email protected]

  • I'd like to list an experiences with you, ho do i do this?

    Please send over details of your experience to [email protected]

  • Who is the press contact?

    Please contact [email protected]avaexperience.com


  • What are the benefits of doing virtual experiences?

    There are numerous benefits of doing virtual experiences:

    1. They allow you to connect with remote colleagues & clients all over the world.
    2. They allow you to access new & unique experiences you normally wouldn’t
    3. They lead to higher attendance rate vs in-person events
    4. They make events more accessible & inclusive
    5. They’re easier to arrange
    6. They’re more friendly to your carbon footprint than in-person events

    View more about the benefits of virtual experiences here.

  • How does a virtual experience work?

    Booking and enjoying a virtual experience are both very simple!

    There are two types of virtual experiences:

    • Experiences including delivery: For these experiences we will arrange  ‘event packs’ containing materials or ingredients to be delivered to attendees ahead of the event. (Usually arriving 2 days before). Attendees just need to join the event at the specified time with their pack contents to hand.
    • Experience with no delivery: For these experiences attendees will just need to join the event at the specified time.

    On both of these types of experiences you may need to also provide a few materials yourself, but these are always everyday items. (E.g. for our painting workshops you will need to provide a cup of water and tissues).

    To find out more about how to book an experience visit our ‘How It Works’ page.

  • What type of events can virtual experiences be used for?

    Our virtual experiences can be utilised and adapted  for a variety of different event types:

    • Team Socials
    • Client Entertaining
    • Celebrations & Occasions
    • Employee Wellbeing
    • Networking Events
    • Product Launches
    • Prospecting
    • New Employee Onboarding
    • Summits & Conferences
    • Increasing Webinar Attendance

    For more examples visit our Case Studies page.

  • What videos conferencing software do your experiences run on?

    We usually host our experiences on Zoom, however nearly all of our experiences can also be run on other platforms such as Teams, Hangouts, Webex, Teams, On24, Hopin.

  • Are your experiences hosted live?

    Yes, all of our experiences are run and hosted live by real people.

  • Will experiences attendees be ables to interact with each other?

    In short – yes! All of our experiences are interactive.

    If you want to set aside some extra time for your group to chat / network with the rest of your group before, during or after the experience just let us know and we’ll make sure this is planned in.

  • Can you cater for international attendees

    Over 90% of our experiences can cater for international attendees.

    When sending over an enquiry please let us know where your guests are based and we can advise on all options available.

  • Do you cater for all dietary requirements?

    Yes, our experiences can be adapted to cater for all dietary requirements.

  • Can i customise parts of an experience for my event?

    We can generally be very  flexible in adapting experiences to your needs .Just let us know what it is you need and we’ll advise what can be accommodated.

  • Can we add our company branding to an experience?

    Most of our experiences can accommodate company branding. This may vary depending on the experience and may be available for a supplementary fee. Examples include, adding branding to the event packs sent out to attendees and  adding your company logo to the virtual background used during the experience.

    Please get in touch to find out more.

  • Can i give a presentation at the beginning of an event? / Can a stakeholder speak?

    Yes, we are able to accommodate this in nearly all our experiences. Please just let us know when sending over an enquiry and we’ll make sure this is planned in.

  • When will i receive my experience event pack?

    Event packs usually arrive 2 days before the event. If you have any concerns about delivery please contact your assigned Event Specialist or call 415-465-5332

    work on our ‘How It Works’ page.

  • What does your pricing include?

    Unless otherwise stated pricing is inclusive of everything (including national mainland delivery). For UK & EU clients quoted prices are exclusive VAT.

    We have no hidden charges / ‘facilitator fees’