3 Ways Virtual Experiences Are Beneficial for Remote Team Workplaces

With the constant uncertainty around working in the office or working from home, many CEOs, directors and team leaders are leaning towards making the decision to stick to working remotely for the time being – to provide team members with some stability. And working from home shouldn’t change replicating team spirit or camaraderie from your living room.

At AVVA Experience, we understand that in order to get the best out of your team you have to create the happiest work environment. It’s so much harder in practice than it is in theory. If you and your staff are looking for a much needed serotonin boost, engagement and creativity, we have compiled a list of reasons it’s important for remote teams to take part in virtual team building experiences.

1. Flexibility and Inclusivity

Team members care how much you care about them and one of the best ways that you can show this is by treating them to virtual experiences. Virtual experiences offer employees more flexibility and the ability to maintain a better work-life balance, which benefits companies in the long run. It also allows for more inclusivity in the workplace.

Many companies are hybrid and holding physical events makes it more challenging for those working remotely to join in on the festivities. Especially for teams working remotely on an international scale– with virtual experiences you don’t have to worry about flying across the globe, finding a nanny and dealing with changes in schedules. You don’t need to wait till a certain time in the day to participate in a virtual experience. You simply give everyone license to jump on a call from their home, with their own drinks and plan a night of fun! Quizzes, games, challenges…oh my!  

2. Communication and Creative Thinking

Virtual experiences can open lines of communication. It’s crucial to have an open line of communication in the workplace when it comes to collaborating with your team, especially remotely. After all, if you cannot communicate with your colleagues, then how do you work together?

With AVVA’s virtual experiences, you and your colleagues can mix things up from within so that everyone experiences different ways of thinking. This helps to give your employees a fresh perspective on whatever projects they might be working on. Virtual experiences allow for creative thinking by having teams in place that are made up of a wide range of skill levels and disciplines– encouraging creativity in the virtual workplace.

3. Boosting Morale and Positive Company Culture

Boosting collaboration and creativity in your workforce is certainly more difficult when you and your team are working from home. With virtual experiences you can foster a more positive company culture within your organization–boosting morale and creating an enjoyable work environment.
Companies with strong positive morale typically have strong and positive employees which in turn relates to productivity. According to a study from Bristol University, it showed that including a company wellness program lead to:

  • 21% boost in concentration
  • 22% more likely to hit deadlines
  • 41% more motivated to work

Morale and positive culture is the glue that holds an organization together. It’s a reflection of how healthy company culture is, how well employees are supported, and how engaged they are. It reveals the workplace mood. When morale is running high, teams can accomplish anything. With virtual experiences you can keep your staff engaged, creative, and productive.

Luckily, AVVA Experience has a vast abundance of virtual team-building experiences that you can plan for your remote team!

Escape Rooms and Murder Mysteries

  • Complete The Ultimate Escape From Alcatraz In This Online Escape Room (US & UK)

In this ultimate escape room as you and your teammates will escape from your cell in the notorious Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary. Work out how to break out of your cell, slip past the guards and cross the San Francisco Bay before you’re discovered.

  • Winter At D(r)ownton Abby: An Exclusive Online Murder Mystery (US & UK)

This online theatrical extravaganza is where you and your team will solve a murder by digging for clues through watching live interactions between the characters and getting their hands dirty, interrogating the shady suspects themselves.

Cocktail and Wine Experiences

  • Fun and Interactive Cocktail Making Masterclass (US & UK)

This is a really fun and interactive masterclass where you’ll be creating the perfect cocktails! This is the perfect experience for getting all your team together.

  • Customisable International Virtual Wine Tasting (UK)

This is an interactive virtual wine tasting where you and your colleagues will be guided through the world of wine in a tasting that’s suitable for beginners & experienced wine aficionado’s.

Creative Experiences

  • Canvas Painting Workshop (US & UK)

Enjoy a fun and relaxing private painting class where your team will be handed all the tools to paint.

  • Creative and Engaging Origami Workshop (US & UK

This workshop is an alternative way for your team to enjoy the stress relieving benefits of mindfulness while experience the world of origami and learn all about this fascinating art from the expert.