A Virtual “Horrorgami” Halloween Workshop


Experience summary

  • Get spooky this Halloween in this virtual ‘horrorgami’ workshop!
  • Your expert Origami artist will take you through a series of spooky Origami folds
  • You’ll be shown step-by-step how to create each ‘horrorgami’, starting off with a Black Cat, Pumpkin & Vampire Fangs!
  • Once you’ve mastered those, you’ll be guided through a more advanced Origami fold, including a Spider or a Bat!
  • This a really fun and interactive workshop, you’re encouraged to ask all your creative questions, chat and even have a drink, perfect for this spooky season!


Bookings between: 8am – 5pm EST, 8am – 2pm PST

  • 60mins: $776 for the first 30 people, $16pp thereafter (masterclass only)
  • 30mins: $540 for the first 30 people, $11pp thereafter (masterclass only)
  • Premium Origami Kits delivered from an additional $44 (including USA delivery)

Bookings between: 6pm – 11pm EST, 3pm – 9pm PST

  • 60mins: $979 for the first 30 people, $17pp thereafter (masterclass only)
  • 30mins: $609 for the first 30 people, $11pp thereafter (masterclass only)

Booking details

  • Can be adapted to suit your event or occasion
  • Monday – Sunday, 8am – 12am (ETD, MDT, PST, BST) – subject to availability

Full experience details

In this spooky virtual ‘horrorgami’ origami workshop you and your team will learn to make a range of scary Halloween paper models, guided by Origami Expert.

The workshop is perfect for those who are new to Origami and have never tried paper folding before – with his tried-and-tested multiple camera setup, your host will make everything super clear, guiding you through the models step-by-step.

The workshop will start with a few simple models to warm up including a spooky Black Cat, a cheeky Jack’o’Lantern Pumpkin, and some terrifying Vampire Fangs! Then for a bit more of a challenge you can either learn a creepy Spider model, or a scary origami Bat – both are perfect for stringing up around your office after the workshop, to get into the spooky spirit!

You will only need basic A4/printer paper to get started, ideally with a range of Halloween colours (black, red, orange, purple etc!). We do also have Halloween kits available with everything you need including scary coloured paper, a gift card and envelope and a few instructions for other models after the event.

Our standard virtual horrorgami workshop event format:

–> An intro from your event host (& you too if you would like), making sure everyone is ready to start the spooky session!
–> You will be guided through a few ‘warm up’ folds, including a Black Cat, Pumpkin & Vampire Fangs!
–> Once you and your group have got into the swing of the art of Origami, you will then follow your hosts instructions on how to fold a more adventurous ‘horrorgami’, a Spider or a Bat!
–> Admire your spooky creations and feel free to chat throughout the session, it’s really causal and interactive and you’re encouraged to ask Micheal lots of creative questions!
–> Feel free to stay on the call and socialise with your team once the workshop has finished,  maybe even add a drinks delivery to your experience, sit back and relax this spooky season!

Whats delivered in the optional event pack:

–> 25 x sheets of paper in Black, Orange, Purple, Red, Green
–> Diagrams for after the event
–> Exclusive access to an online beginner Origami taster course!

Terms & conditions

  • Full payment is required upon confirmation of your booking.
  • For delivery of the experience pack, full names, addresses, emails will need to be provided 2 weeks prior to the experience date
  • We respect your privacy and take it extremely seriously. All personal information relating to your booking is deleted within 7 days of your event taking place
  • Full terms and conditions available here