Experience summary

  • Get hands-on and create your very own soaps in this virtual DIY workshop where you’ll learn how to melt, mix and design soaps of your choice
  • Make 4-5 of your very own soap bars where you’ll get to choose your scent and design
  • You’ll be guided through by your crafty expert, learning the different methods and details of your materials as well as how to continue making soap afterwards
  • Discover the process of melt-and-pour soap design in this relaxed and friendly workshop
  • Pick up tips and tricks along the way as you become an expert in creating homemade soaps!


  • $100pp inc US delivery
  • (Minimum Total Booking Charge: $1,000)

Booking details

  • Can be adapted to suit your event or occasion
  • Bookings available 24/7 in all timezones (based on availability)
  • A hosting fee may also apply

Full experience details

In this fun-filled virtual workshop, you’ll get to learn all about the basics of melt and pour soap making, general techniques and even a little history.

You’ll be led through by your host on how to use soaps, the benefits of homemade soaps as well as an insight into the ingredients. Creating your own design, you’ll come away with 4-5 soap bars and tips and tricks that’ll lead you to wanting more!

Once you’ve mastered the techniques of melting and mixing, you’ll use your fragrances and colours before pouring them into your moulds to set. As you go along you’ll be able to ask your host any questions about certain oils, clays and botanicals that’ll take your soaps to the next level.

This is a fun and creative workshop which will get everyone engaged as you create something to be proud of!

Our Virtual Soap Making Workshop Format

–> An introduction from the host about what you’ll be creating, your ingredients and equipment. You may also wish to do an introduction for your guests
–> Once everyone is set-up, you’ll follow a step-by-step guide to how to create your soaps learning how to melt, mix and pour
–> Ask any of your burning questions as well as show off your unique soap designs to the rest of your team!
–> Feel free to stay on and chat for as long as you like once the host has left

Our events can be tailored to suit your requirements, just ask!

Included in your delivery:

–> Funnel Pitcher Melting Pot
–> Stir Stick
–> Soap Mold
–> Melt-and-Pour Soap Base
–> 1 Vial of Fragrance Oil
–> 2 Dye Colors
–> Alcohol Spray Bottle
–> Embeds
–> Mixing cups
–> Mini Spatulas

What your attendees will need:

–> Microwave
–> Water
–> Paper towels
–> Microwave-safe bowl or measuring cup (optional)
–> Newspaper (optional)
–> Infrared thermometer (optional)


Arrange for beverages & snacks to be delivered alongside your experience from $80pp (inc US delivery). Contact us for full details & options available.

Terms & conditions

  • Full payment is required upon confirmation of your booking
  • For delivery of the experience pack, full names, addresses, emails will need to be provided 2 weeks prior to the experience date
  • We respect your privacy and take it extremely seriously. All personal information relating to your booking is deleted within 7 days of your event taking place
  • Full terms and conditions available here
  • Depending on the format of your event, a hosting fee may also apply