60-90 minutes

Experience summary

  • Please everyone in this multi-event experience with a choice of a drinks tasting masterclass, a crafty workshop, a food tasting experience or a challenge building activity
  • Whether you fancy creating your own cocktails, taking a global tour of the world’s best chocolate, learn how to make your own soap or get stuck in with a virtual escape room, these experiences are. great for engagement, wellness and team building!
  • Like the sound of this package but another experience takes your fancy? We can fully customise this experience according to your requirements!


  • Pricing from $107pp (includes US delivery)
  • Final package price is dependent on number of attendees per experience
  • Exact pricing varies based on experience chosen

Booking details

  • Can be adapted to suit your event or occasion
  • Monday – Sunday, 8am – 11pm (ETD, MDT, PST, BST) – subject to availability
  • Summer Package also available for smaller groups (£POA)

Full experience details

You can’t please everyone, right? Wrong. With one of our split format events, you can please everyone with a bespoke virtual Festive Party Package!

Your attendees will be free to choose from the following: a drinks experience, a craft experience, a food tasting experience or a challenge experience. Oh, and did we mention a multi-experience format event increases attendance by 20%? We told you: we can please everyone!

This experience is fully customisable so you can choose other experience options (such as wine tasting rather than cocktail making) to make it completely unique to you and your company.

Your Winter Party package is fully customisable with other experiences available to select from!

The Options:

Cocktail Making – From $129pp

Make three cocktails in this interactive masterclass where you get to pick the cocktails you make. Hosted live, by an award winning master mixologist, all ingredients are shipped to individuals in a premium gift packaged event pack. (Note this experience can work as a non-alcoholic and alcoholic experience, with the focus around the ‘skill of mixology’).

Soap Making – From $107pp

Enjoy making your own homemade, natural soaps in this fun and creative online workshop. You’ll create a delightful selection of 6 handcrafted, natural soaps using shea butter and essential oils. Learn all about these natural ingredients and their benefits for your skin. All ingredients delivered are vegan and cruelty free.

Chocolate Making – From $129pp

The ultimate online chocolate tasting class, where led by a master chocolatier you’ll be taken on a global tasting tour, including trying ‘the world’s best chocolate!’ Each attendee will receive a ‘library’ of 8 different chocolates to taste.  You’ll learn how to taste chocolate, to enhance its flavour and savour the complexity and different taste notes.

Escape Room – From $52pp

Delve into this immersive, online thriller escape room that blurs the boundaries between theatre, film and gaming. Starting on Zoom and then played on an internet browser, teams will need to follow clues, crack codes and hack passwords in an attempt to reveal the mystery. Founded by multi award-winning theatre and experience makers, this innovative production is social and thrilling, combining the artistry of immersive theatre with the thrill of an escape room. Finishers package included.

Our standard event format:

–> Company introduction/welcome by company stakeholder
–> Avva Event Specialist to split all attendees into multiple experiences

Cocktail Making Masterclass (90min):

–> Introduction from Twist Mixologist
–> Making of your first cocktail with an overview of the history of cocktails
Making of your second cocktail with some interesting mixing facts and a plenty of time to ask any of your burning cocktail questions
Breakout rooms to split your guests into smaller groups for a DIY Cocktail game.
–> Here they have to use one ingredient from each person’s house to create a signature, virtual cocktail with a name.
The mixologist will then choose the best based on ingredients and ratios (virtually) and then put the best cocktail name to a vote!
Making of your final cocktail and the chance to ask questions and chat

Soap Making (60min):

–> An introduction from your host about the soaps you’ll be making and a chance to set up and get all of your materials ready and the benefits of your ingredients
–> You’ll learn about the art of soap making and it’s history (and why it’s much better to make your own!)
Discover the difference between cold pressed/glycerin soaps and how you can continue to make more soaps at home
First melting the base before using your moulds to set them
Get creative and use the seeds, petals and scent provided to decorate each soap
While they set, this is your chance to ask any questions you may have on making your own beauty products and the best ingredients to use!

Chocolate Tasting (60min):

–> Intro from the host about your event
–> An overview of the chocolates you’ve received plus a brief insight into the world of chocolate and its origins
Taste chocolate and compare tasting notes as you’re guided through each chocolate
A full-sensory tasting experience with different music playing as you taste chocolates from different regions and countries
Feel free to ask chocolate-y questions at any time and discuss your favourites

Thriller Escape Room (60min):

–> The Plymouth Point Residents Watch enlists your help to track down a missing neighbour, a young woman named Ivy
–> Investigation into disturbing emails she was receiving prior to her disappearance hold clues as to what might have happened to her
Cryptic clues will need to be cracked to see if the conspiracy theories swirling around the, are true
Time is of the essence to find the truth, help keep everyone safe and find Ivy!

Includes: ‘Finishers package’ complete with scoreboard and a montage video of your experience

What’s in the Box:

Classic Cocktail Making – where you’ll choose to make 3 cocktails from the following menu (1 cocktail from each group)

–> Group 1 – Tommy’s Margarita, Classic Daiquiri or Chilli Margarita
–> Group 2 – John Collins, Paloma or Clover Club
–> Group 3 – Old Fashioned, your choice of Bourbon, Rum, Cognac or Tequila

Soap Making:

–> Natural soap base Selection of seeds and dried flower petals – dried calendula, lavender flowers and black poppy seeds
–> Essential oil blend to scent the soap – uplifting sweet orange, grapefruit + lime
–> Soap moulds
–> Pipette

Chocolate Tasting

–> 100% Dark chocolate bar
–> 85% Dark chocolate bar
–> 70% Dark chocolate with chilli and vanilla bar
–> 68% Dark chocolate bar from Bolivia
–> 70% Dark chocolate bar with coffee
–> 50% Gianduja chocolate bar
–> 35% Milk chocolate bar from Papua New Guinea
–> Blonde chocolate bar with pistachios

All presented in a Melt design cube box

Materials Required At Home:

–> Shaker, ice & glasses
–> 1 x kitchen knife, 1 x cutting board, 1 x saucepan, 1 x small bowl/ramekin, 1 x whisk, 1 x spatula
Stove/hob or microwave to melt the soap

Terms & conditions

  • Full payment is required upon confirmation of your booking.
  • For delivery of the experience pack, full names, addresses, emails will need to be provided 2 weeks prior to the experience date.
  • We respect your privacy and take it extremely seriously. All personal information relating to your booking is deleted within 7 days of your event taking place.
  • Full terms and conditions available here