When the events industry was first impacted by Covid-19, corporate businesses around the world were quick to pivot to virtual solutions. There was really no other option to continue engaging with employees and clients. What surprised many is that this consequently created a new way to socialise remotely: virtual experiences.

As we head into a summer of eased restrictions, people are naturally wondering; are virtual experiences here to stay? We’ve listed 6 reasons why they are:

1. Continue to connect with remote colleagues & clients

Consider how many people now work from home either part-time or indefinitely. We’ll need a way to socialise and create connections with them. 

Furthermore, virtual experiences have allowed us to connect with colleagues and clients from other offices or countries like never before. Pre-pandemic, maybe you got in touch with your European or US counterparts for work-related calls, but it was rare you had the opportunity to socialise with them and build real relationships.

2. Access to experiences you’ve never tried before

Admit it! When you were office-based, entertainment was usually just ‘after-work drinks’. Your client and team events may have ventured into escape rooms or mini putt, but they were all fairly standard activities. 

You now have access to experiences like drag queen bingo, casino nights and indoor garden making (just to name a few…shameless cue to explore 100+ unique experiences here). And these ‘for-the-gram’ moments are no longer limited to London, or specific regions.

Don’t get us wrong, we still love a happy hour! But there are now loads of other options to keep people entertained. 

3. Generate higher attendance

We’ve found that online experiences increase attendance rates by an average of 40% vs in-person events. The reasons for this really depend on the event, but here are the leading factors:

  • Without having to travel, you can effortlessly dial in to an event in seconds. And there’s no need to worry about having a ‘late one’ if you’re already at home!
  • Posting event packs in advance means your guests really have to commit to attending. It’s difficult to ‘duck out’ of an event if you have all the supplies for virtual cocktail making waiting in your fridge, isn’t it? Say goodbye to your drop-off rate.
  • It makes sense that some introverts are more comfortable engaging online than in person. It could be that they feel safer in their own space and more confident socialising from home. Whatever the reason, we love that virtual makes for a more inclusive experience!

With higher online attendance, 71% of event planners say they will continue to employ a digital strategy to maintain their virtual audience once they return to physical events.*

4. It’s easier to arrange

No matter how much planning goes into a physical event, it can still go very wrong. Logistics with venues, travel and accommodation make things complicated, but tech has done wonders for making events easier to arrange. 

The steps to arranging a virtual Avva Experience couldn’t get much easier. Choose an experience and provide a list addresses (if posting event packs). It’s as simple as that!

5. Reduce your carbon footprint

It’s becoming increasingly important for companies to monitor their carbon footprint and the switch to virtual can help them achieve ambitious carbon targets. 

From venue lighting, heating and cooling, to food waste and travel, delivering large-scale events can have a HUGE climate cost that needs to be considered. Streaming experiences can reduce total climate pollution from events by 60-98%.*

6. It’s more cost effective

27% of event planners consider ‘lower overhead costs’ as the most positive outcome of pivoting to virtual.* Without the cost of things like hiring a venue, fancy catering and over-priced entertainment, you’re bound to maximise your budget. Virtual experiences can help ensure you keep your audience engaged, while achieving ROI way more efficiently.

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