7 Health and Wellness Virtual Experiences To Improve Team Wellbeing

Staff health and wellness is critical to any business’ success. Employee’s duties, stress level, and working environment affect their overall health and mood so it is critical for companies to prioritize improving the wellbeing of employees to ensure happiness in the workplace. 

As more companies move towards remote and hybrid work environments, finding ways to connect with colleagues and teams is more important than ever. Health and wellness virtual experiences are great ways for teams to get together and connect from almost anywhere in the world, while improving happiness and wellbeing. 

Do you and your colleagues need an energy boost to get through the rest of winter? Here are seven of our virtual health and wellness experiences designed to relax, relieve stress and enhance employees’ mood- perfect for your next team social!


1. Enjoy making your own luxury aromatherapy soy wax candles and learn the art of candle making with an online scented candle making masterclass (UK or US)


2. Learn or sharpen your yoga skills with a relaxing and fun online yoga session- suitable for every ability (UK or US)


3. Unleash your creativity and sharpen your drawing skills with a trained art teacher and portrait artist in a comical online caricature workshop (UK or US)


4. Refresh, relax, and rejuvenate with a virtual wellbeing workshop featuring your very own mindfulness coach (UK or US)


5. Go Green and learn how to create dessert themed succulent plants with a fun and relaxing online succulent terrarium workshop (UK or US)


6. Enjoy a private online painting workshop hosted by talented artists as your learn how to paint your own artistic masterpieces (UK or US)


7. Put your chefs hat on as you learn how to cook delicious pasta (UK) or artisan Margherita pizza and caesar salads (US)


Ready to plan your next team wellbeing social? Or want more details? Get in touch with our team to learn more!