• Discover how to pickle, preserve and ferment with a new wave of innovative chefs and pick up some nourishing recipes
  • Learn all about seasonal produce and how to use ingredients sustainably as well as what works best for your health
  • You’ll be taken through an assortment of methods and recipes which you can alter with the seasons
  • Find out about the best go-to pairings to complement your creations
  • Preserving has become one of the biggest food trends of 2021, it’s great fun and doesn’t require any specialist equipment!


Bookings between: 8am – 5pm EDT, 8am – 2pm PST

  • $475 for the first 20 guests and then $22pp thereafter – online masterclass only
  • From $98pp for ingredients & equipment pack (including US delivery)

Bookings between: 6pm – 11pm EDT, 3pm – 11pm PST

  • $600 for the first 20 guests and then $22pp thereafter – online masterclass only
  • From $98pp for ingredients & equipment pack (including US delivery)

Booking details

  • Can be adapted to suit your event or occasion
  • Bookings available 24/7 in all timezones (based on availability)
  • National & international delivery available
  • A hosting fee may also apply

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Full Experience Details

Learn to pickle like a pro in this fun and engaging foodie workshop where you’ll discover how to pickle and ferment delicious creations that are great for the planet and your wellbeing.

In this interactive and engaging workshop you’ll discover the incredible benefits of pickling and fermenting, understanding why it’s become one of the biggest food trends of 2021. It’s great for seasonality and sustainability as well as being waste free!

You’ll be taken through a variety of methods and nourishing recipes which will set you up for doing this at home yourself. This is the ultimate feel-good food that you’ll want to repeat again and again!

Ask any of your burning questions to your professional chef as they assist you in getting hands on with practical preserving processes and techniques. From flavour combinations to sterilising jars, you’ll pick up hints, tips and tricks that are shared with you along the way. With what you’ve made, you’ll find out the best go-to pairings that’ll compliment your creations!

You’ll learn two exciting recipes using organic ingredients with great nutritional value. You’ll also discover the many medicinal benefits of herbs and spices. This online workshop meets all dietary requirements including vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free etc

Attendees must source their own ingredients

Our standard event format:

 –> You’ll be greeted by your professional chef as they take you through what will happen in your session
–> Guided by your host, you’ll learn various recipes and methods and learn all about the preserving processes and their benefits to us and the planet
–> You’ll then begin to make your two creations using exciting recipes as your chef will assist you in getting hands on with the techniques
–> Your host will share tips and tricks along the way and you’ll be encouraged to ask any questions you may have
–> Your session will end with everyone showcasing what they’ve created and a chance to chat as a group

 You will make two seasonal recipes:

Turmeric spiced fennel and apple pickle

Spicy carrot kimchi

Materials Required At Home:

Oven, knife, speed peeler, chopping board, fridge, Seasonal organic vegetables, Apple cider vinegar, Spices and flavourings

Terms & Conditions
  • Full payment is required upon confirmation of your booking.
  • We respect your privacy and take it extremely seriously. All personal information relating to your booking is deleted within 7 days of your event taking place.
  • Full terms and conditions available here
  • Depending on the format of your event, a hosting fee may also apply


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