Experience summary

  • Get green fingered in this fun and relaxing online succulent terrarium workshop
  • You’ll create a dessert themed succulent terrarium, creating beautiful layers for your succulent plants to live on
  • The host will show you step-by-step how to create your own personalised succulent terrarium
  • They will share interesting information about your succulent plants within your event pack and also how to care for your plants after the experience
  • This is a really relaxing and mindful experience, taking time to slow down and focus on a creative and green workshop

Booking details

  • Can be adapted to suit your event or occasion
  • +$245 surcharge for groups under 15ppl
  • + $270 surcharge for bookings after 4pm EST
  • Hosting fee may apply


Full experience details

Get green fingered in this creative and fun online succulent terrarium workshop!

Create your very own ‘dessert’ themed succulent terrarium. Using your event pack, delivered to you door, you will layer the materials to create a delicious looking terrarium. Your host will demonstrate how to create this design style step-by-step. You will learn about the different types of succulent plants you have received and how to plant them, care for them and style them in a creative way.

Using your elegant vases, along with the selection of unique and interesting succulents, you will create an eye-catching, desert-themed, open terrarium, which you can have on your desk, either at work or at home. This beautiful succulent terrarium will leave a smile on your face and increase your happiness!

Our standard Succulent workshop event format:

–> An intro from your experience hosts (& you if you would like), making sure everyone has their event packs and ready to start the workshop
–> Your host will share interesting information about the succulent plants included in your event pack
–> You will be shown step-by-step how to create this ‘dessert’ themed terrarium, layering different materials to give you the desired look
–> You will learn how to how to plant your succulents, care for them and style them in a creative way
–> Compare and show off your final pieces with your team mates
–> Feel free to stay on the call and socialise with your team

What will be delivered in your event pack:

(Plants subject to change due to availability and seasons)

–> Your kit includes everything you need to create your own succulent terrarium at home, including gorgeous ‘Shell-on-Earth’ recycled seashells and different succulents
–> Access to a 10 minute instructional video
–> A printed step-by-step guide with pictures
–> A care guide
–> Instructions on how you can keep the plants happy until your experience date and after


Arrange for beverages & snacks to be delivered alongside your experience from $80pp (inc US delivery). Contact us for full details & options available.