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Joseph Levitt Fuirst

Virtual Team Building Events

These virtual experiences have been designed for virtual team building events, where the focus is to build relationships and bonds between team members.

Our virtual team building experiences combine collaborative challenges and creative thinking, whilst having lots of fun!


What is a virtual or online team building event?

A virtual or online team building event is an event designed to improve teamwork, communication and collaboration amongst remote or hybrid team members.  

Designed for fully remote and hybrid teams, virtual team building events take place via a video conferencing platform such as Zoom, MS Teams, Webex or Google Meets. 

Virtual team building events come in various different forms, but usually include a structured virtual experience or activity for a group to take part in. We offer a wide range of virtual experiences that are suitable for team building including; Online Escape Rooms, Virtual Murder Mysteries, LEGO Building and much more. All of our virtual experiences for team building are hosted by live professionals who will be responsible for running your event and ensuring everyone has a great time! 

Arranging virtual team building events allows your team to bond, in doing so creating a happier and more productive remote or hybrid team.

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Is virtual team building effective?

Yes, virtual team building is proven to be highly effective at building connections, improving wellbeing and increasing productivity in remote and hybrid teams. 

According to a Gallup report “Virtual team building activities lead to an increase in employee performance rate, claiming 41% lower absenteeism and 21% higher profitability.” This report has been supported by our own research. When we surveyed 1,000 team building event organizers, 83% agreed that virtual events improved employee engagement. 80% also agreed that virtual events helped with employee wellbeing. 

We offer a wide range of virtual experiences for team building that will help your company reap the benefits of improved team work, higher engagement rates and happier employees.

Other Virtual Team Building Events FAQ’s
  • Which virtual experience should I pick for my team building event?

    Finding the right virtual experience for your team building event can seem overwhelming at first! We offer 100+ virtual experiences suitable for team building, so we guarantee you’ll be able to find the perfect one for your event. Our most popular options include Our Virtual Icebreaker Challenge, Virtual LEGO Team Workshop, Virtual Time Traveling Game Show & The Heist Virtual Team Challenge. Please get in touch via the online form or email us at [email protected] if you’re interested in finding out more about our most popular options for a specific event or occasion.

  • How much lead time should I allow to arrange a virtual team building event?

    We always recommend allowing as much time as possible when arranging a virtual team building event, but understand that this isn’t always possible. For a virtual experience that doesn’t require delivery we recommend allowing at least 1-week, but ideally longer. For a virtual experience that does require delivery of kits, we recommend allowing at least 3-weeks, but ideally longer. (We do have solutions for those looking to arrange an event in a shorter lead time, so please get in touch if this is the case).

  • Are your virtual experiences for team building suitable for international or global teams?

    Yes! Many of our virtual experiences for team building have been designed for international groups and we can offer international delivery on many of our experiences. (Some restrictions may apply). Check out our full range of international options.

  • I have a hybrid team, are these virtual team building experiences suitable?

    Yes, nearly all of our virtual experiences can be run if part of your team is in the office and part of your team is remote.

  • How much should I budget for a virtual team building event?

    The price of virtual experiences often vary according to your group size. For example a smaller group should expect to pay more per person, whilst a larger group will often pay less per person. Typically for a group of 20 people, we recommend budgeting $35-$55pp for an experience without delivery, but you can expect to pay less than this for larger groups. For an experience with delivery, these usually vary between $70-$200pp.

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