Break The Code! A Virtual Hacker Themed Escape Room



  • Get your team together and play our virtual hacker themed escape room
  • Working in teams, you’ll embark on a mind-bending mission to uncover the clues, crack the passcode and stop a devastating cyber attack before it’s too late
  • With live hosts and a cleverly created storyline, you and your team will love this team building challenge
  • Combining strategy, teamwork and problem-solving, this high-energy experience is designed to improve team collaboration, whilst having lots of fun!
  • This virtual escape room in suitable for both national and international groups


  • $580 for 1-20 guests and then $29pp

Booking details

  • Bookings available 24/7 in all time zones (based on availability)
  • A hosting fee may also apply


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Full Experience Details

Get your team together as you work with your colleagues to stop devastating cyber-attack launched by a criminal organisation known only as ‘The Main Frame.’

Working in teams, you’ll take on the role of ‘master hackers’ as you embark on a mind-bending mission to uncover the clues, crack the passcode and stop the attack before it’s too late!

With live hosts, you’ll follow a wonderfully crafted storyline, completing various team building activities as you go. Combining strategy, teamwork and problem-solving, this high-energy experience is designed to improve team collaboration and strengthen team bonds, whilst having lots of fun!

The escape room is played in smaller teams of 4-8 people via breakout rooms. Check out our full game format below.


–> You’ll be welcomed by your high-energy host who’ll introduce the experience and provide your mission briefing.
–> You will be split into teams of 4-8 ppl. These teams can be chosen by you or can be randomly assigned. After this, each team will be assigned to a breakout room.
–> Teams have 60 minutes to complete a 2-part mission to stop the cyber attack. The game content is delivered online via an interactive web platform. (No downloads or emails are required).
–> Teams will face a series of cryptic clues which will lead them to key info that has been hidden on the internet e.g. within a Youtube video or even an email account…
–> By putting this information together, teams will be able to crack the enemy’s 11 character password and access their secret servers. To complete the challenge, 3 final puzzles await, revealing the enemy’s secret location and enabling the attack to be prevented.
–> Once teams complete their mission, everyone will return to the main meeting room in a big reveal to see which team was the quickest.
–> The experience will end with a results announcement and team photo.


Arrange for beverages & snacks to be delivered alongside your experience from $55pp (inc US delivery). Contact us for full details & options available.

  • Q: What platform is this experience run on? A: We run this experience on Zoom as standard, but we can also run on Webex. Google Meets & Teams are also possible with some restrictions.
  • Q: How long is this game? A: 75mins as standard, but we can shorten it to 60mins.
  • Q: Can we run this experience on our own meeting link? A: We run this on our own event link as standard and will send you the link for you to share with your guests after you book. But, if you prefer we can also run this on your own company event link.
  • Q: Is this event hosted? A: Yes, this experience is hosted by a live game host. Depending on the size of your event there will also be 1-5 hosts running your event.
  • Q: Do we need to prepare anything ahead of the event? A: No, your guests just turn up and enjoy the experience.
  • Q: Is this experience suitable for global audiences? A: Yes!
  • Q: Can we select the teams? A: For groups under 50 teams can either be random or selected by you. For groups over 50 this is done randomly.
  • Q: Do we need to provide email addresses or download an app? A: No email addresses or downloads are required.
Terms & Conditions
  • Full payment is required upon confirmation of your booking. Invoices can be paid either via card or transfer.
  • A full refund can be made on cancellations more than 30 days prior to a scheduled event.
  • You can change the date or time of your experience up to 14 days prior to a scheduled event based on availability.
  • If you’d like to set us up as an official supplier, please send over any vendor supplier forms for review.
  • Full terms and conditions available here.

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