Save The Queen! A Virtual Race Against Time Challenge


Experience summary

  • Work together as a team to “Save The Queen” in this virtual race against time
  • Hosted by live actors, this is an immersive and interactive virtual team challenge
  • The year is 1536 and The Queen of England is being held in the Tower of London
  • Your challenge will be to infiltrate the tower, rescue The Queen and steal the crown jewels
  • You’ll solve a series of puzzles and challenges in order to do this
  • This experience is ideal for those looking for a fun and humorous team experience
  • Available to book from November 1st 2022


  • $29pp

Booking details

  • Can be adapted to suit your event or occasion
  • Bookings available 24/7 in all timezones (based on availability)
  • A hosting fee may also apply

Full experience details

The year is 1536. The city is London. The Queen of England Anne Boleyn, the 2nd wife of King Henry VIII has been imprisoned and is awaiting trial.

The Queen is held captive at the Tower of London, the most secure fortress in the modern world. It not only houses the country’s most notorious political prisoners, it is also home to the Crown Jewels of England – the treasure that underpins the monarchy.

But, there is one tiny sliver of hope. A small group of Anne’s supporters have negotiated with the French King Francis to arrange amnesty for the Queen in Paris. For months, you’ve been secretly planning a mission that is deemed impossible. If you can infiltrate the castle, rescue the Queen and steal the Crown Jewels, you’ll destabilize the terror-reign of Henry VIII and restore justice and dignity to the throne once and for all.

Tonight is the night. Can you save the Queen?


–> Before your event, you’ll be split into teams of ~5 participants. Teams can be pre-assigned or randomized.

–> At the beginning of the activity, you’ll be welcomed to your new environment – 1536 London. Your hosts will brief you about the Queen’s plight and the special mission ahead, before moving into your breakout rooms.

–> Teams will be greeted by one of your co-conspirators (Game Hosts), who will lead a short ice-breaker and then intro the activity in detail.

–> Teams will then have 60 minutes to rescue the Queen, steal the Crown Jewels, and escape The Tower of London!

–> After the time’s up, everyone will be brought back for a hilarious awards presentation, led by the Queen of England herself. 

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  • Depending on the format of your event, a hosting fee may also apply