The holiday season is fast approaching, which means it’s time for you to plan the best holiday party for your team. Just because your team can’t come together at a single place doesn’t mean the celebrations have to stop!

With companies building a global workforce, a virtual holiday party that fits everyone’s lifestyle is an excellent way to celebrate no matter where they’re located. After everything people have endured during the past 15 months, your team is looking for a reason to celebrate. Therefore, if you’re the one who has to plan for your team’s holiday party this year, we promise to help you organize a party that’ll ensure that your team remembers you for years to come!

If you’ve organized a holiday party in the past, you know it’s a challenging task, mainly because not everything goes according to your plan. Organizing a virtual holiday party is a different ballgame altogether.

We understand that if you have no experience organizing a successful virtual holiday party, it can be a little intimidating. Where exactly do you start?

Don’t worry, we’ll help you through the entire process and ensure your virtual holiday party ends with a bang. 

Last Chance to Book Your Holiday Party


At Avva Experience, we’ve organized epic virtual experiences for big-name companies with global teams like Google, Tiktok, Amazon, and Goldman Sachs— some of them spanning over 24 hours of non-stop action! 

This year, we can help you throw a memorable holiday party for your virtual team. Before it’s too late and you’ve to inevitably cancel your holiday party, here’s your chance to book your last-minute virtual holiday party experiences and events with us!

We have a massive collection of virtual experiences you can choose from for your festive celebration this year. Should you feel a little overwhelmed with the choices available, here’s a list of our best party packages.

Virtual Holiday Party Ideas

A Virtual 007 Cocktails & Casino Themed Evening (Click for US or UK)

We’ve all tried to imitate the “a Vodka Martine, shaken not stirred” Bond-style, haven’t we? While it’s the cocktail James Bond is best known for, it’s not the only one. 

There are several drinks that this well-known spy has sipped during his adventures, and one thing can’t be disputed– he has an excellent taste in cocktails. 

You learn to make the top three iconic James Bond-inspired cocktails in this virtual cocktail party!

Suit up to embrace your inner Bond and enjoy the cocktails you create during the virtual casino evening. This themed evening is a perfect way for your team to Bond this Christmas and celebrate the festivities together!

A Virtual Roaring 20’s Festive Cocktail Party with Private Jazz Show (Click for US or UK)

For this virtual holiday party, give your team the chance to experience a Great Gatsby 1920’s inspired party with cocktails and a private jazz show!

This virtual experience starts with a 60-minute cocktail-making masterclass. An expert mixologist will guide you through the entire process step-by-step and teach you how to make three exquisite 1920’s inspired cocktails!

Don’t worry; we’ll deliver a festive cocktail box directly to your team’s doorstep. A non-alcoholic package will be provided for those who choose not to drink.

Your team can then sip on their delicious cocktails while enjoying a live private Jazz show by world-famous musicians and vocalists.

P.S. These artists have performed at venues like the Royal Albert Hall and Lincoln Center!

A Virtual Back To The ’80’s Party (Click for US or UK

Retro drinks from the ’80s is not a party to be missed! Cocktails, they don’t make them as they used to.

During this Back to the ’80’s cocktail party, you’ll travel back to a simpler time where we loved our cocktails bright, sweet, and even better if they had a sexual innuendo *wink*

This holiday party will make you feel warm and nostalgic. 

During the cocktail masterclass, you’ll learn how to make three 80’s unique themed cocktails– Club Tropicana, the Sweet Treats Espresso Martini, and the Neon Cosmo.

Once you’ve created your delicious cocktails, you can enjoy the 1985 themed murder mystery experience. You can form teams and interrogate live suspects to solve the murder!

This is an excellent virtual holiday party for teams looking for something different this festive season.

Choose Your Own Festive Party Package (Click for US or UK)

If you’re not sure which of these virtual holiday party ideas suit your team members the best, have them choose what they want to attend!

Avva’s ‘Choose Your Own Festive Party Package’ gives your guests the freedom to choose what party they want to attend according to their own tastes.

From the 200+ experiences available– including games, drink tastings, shows, art and craft workshops, food masterclasses, & more– you can choose 2 to 6 experiences that your guests can pick from.

Book your holiday party with Avva Experience

When companies choose not to celebrate festivities due to social distancing and crowd-gathering norms, virtual holiday parties are an excellent way to celebrate the holiday with your team. Additionally, if you have a global team, everyone can participate no matter where they’re located. 

If you’re looking to organize a last-minute virtual holiday party, you can take advantage of the virtual event experts at Avva to curate the perfect virtual experience for your team. 

Send us an enquiry today through our website or by dropping an email so we can get the ball rolling as soon as possible.