The Best Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

Distributed teams don’t find many occasions to simply socialise with their coworkers. This makes it difficult for them to build relationships that create trust, collaboration and build loyalty too.

While you may not be able to get your team together in a room, you can leverage virtual team-building experiences to bring your team together. 

In this blog, we’ll share a list of virtual team-building activities that you can plan for your remote team!

Best virtual team-building activities to try

Food and Drinks

1. Cocktail Making Masterclass

A well-made cocktail has elements that reflect a good team. It’s social, casual, and interactive. 

A virtual cocktail-making masterclass will engage your entire team with its carefree atmosphere. 

Avva’s expert mixologist will share several tips and tricks of the trade, from how to muddle, shake, and stir them right.

With all the skills you’ll learn, your team will go on to try and out-mix each other to make the most delicious cocktail!

Passion Star Martini, Classic Mojito, Apple & Elderflower Martini, Salted Caramel Espresso Martini — your team can choose to mix whatever they fancy!

Of course, we also provide some fantastic non-alcoholic cocktail options. All you have to do is ask!

Along with the infusion of virtual team-building and a hefty measure of entertainment, you can spice things up with a bit of zesty recipe competition and create your own unique cocktail.

Doesn’t this sound like the perfect un-corporate event for your remote team?  

2. Virtual Wine Tasting

Virtual wine tastings are an excellent way to bring remote teams together. There has never been a better chance to have your team enjoy the many wine regions from the comfort of their home! 

It’s an enjoyable experience with a bit of learning along the way. 

Our expert wine sommelier will walk your team through the world of wine that has been aged to perfection and poured into your wine glass. 

They will guide you through an interactive wine tasting, teach you everything about the winemaking process, and help you discover the subtleties of different flavor profiles.

A few of your team members may feel intimidated by wine, but there’s nothing to worry about! 

Our expert wine sommelier knows exactly how to adapt to the virtual experience and ensure nobody feels left out.

But that’s not all. 

You can add a fun twist to your team-building experience by including a blind wine to the dynamic. 

In the “Blind Tasting Break Out Challenge,” you can divide your team into small groups and use breakout rooms where guests can try to figure out the blind wine.

Interactive Experiences for larger groups

1. Escape rooms (US & UK)

If you’re looking for a fun team-building activity to shake off the lockdown blues and help your remote team connect with each other effectively, virtual escape rooms may be the answer you’re looking for.

Virtual escape rooms, also called escape games or puzzle rooms, are themed challenges where participants have to work together to solve clues, finish tasks, and work through a variety of puzzles within the given time limit (usually between 45 minutes to an hour).

It’s an excellent way to build deeper bonds, solve problems together, and test your team’s mental fortitude in an enjoyable manner.

Even though the scenarios they face are fictitious, the skills they gain will significantly impact their ability to function as a team.

They can help boost your remote team’s communication skills in communication, problem-solving, project management, decision making, and dealing with complicated challenges. 

Avva’s Ultimate Escape from Alcatraz Prison is a fun virtual experience specifically designed for corporate groups! 

Your team will have 60 minutes to break out by uncovering hidden clues and solving a series of puzzles.

2. Murder mystery

It’s time to gather your remote team and work to crack the case of a deadly crime!

People love murder mysteries — maybe it’s the competition, the fun of interacting with their coworkers outside a professional setting, the race to the top, or the excitement as they unfold the mystery.

Virtual murder mysteries are highly interactive virtual team-building experiences that will make your team laugh hysterically while learning useful soft skills like communication, collaboration, creative thinking, and problem-solving. 

The bottom line is: Teamwork is the only way to catch the murderer!

Your team has to race against the clock to find the culprit by solving complex puzzles and uncovering clues.

Whether your team members fancy themselves as the next Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew, everyone will find something they enjoy.

The team has to work together to solve the mystery by investigating the crime scene, questioning the suspects in real-time, and piecing together the evidence while our performers will have them roaring with laughter. 

We offer a wide range of themed mysteries you can choose from for your team-building experience. Regardless of the mystery theme you choose, we can guarantee that your team is in for a night of excitement with a twist!

3. Magic Show

Hosting a Magic and Mind-reading show is one of the most engaging virtual team-building activities for your remote team. 

You can involve your entire team in one call and have a fun, immersive experience that will have everyone wide-eyed by the end of the show. 

With a world-class magician like Paul Fowler, who has worked with A-list corporates like Apple and Google, we promise you a virtual experience your team will never forget. 

From the introverts to the skeptics, Paul will have everyone at the edge of their seats shouting, “What on earth is happening!”  

We understand that Zoom fatigue is a real thing. Therefore, this isn’t just going to be a show where you simply sit back and stare at a screen watching the same old card tricks. 

Paul will create a magical experience involving the team members as active participants while performing his tricks. 

Throughout the show, he will make your heads spin your heads spin with his illusions and mind-reading tricks even though you are literally 1000 miles away.

The tricks that work in real life are very different from ones that work on camera. 

Paul has performed virtual shows in over 30 different countries of varied sizes and has thousands of hours of experience performing magic online for various ages. 

Who knows, maybe you’ll even learn a trick or two to wow your friends and family during the next dinner gathering?

4. Virtual Bingo

Bingo is an all-time classic, and it’s not just for old grandmas! 

Have you heard about the newer virtual team-building bingo? It adds a little twist to the usual numbered-bingo experience. 

The virtual bingo experience has several activities included in the space for numbers. The host will pick out random statements, and the participants can cross them off their Bingo board.

We’ve made it even more fun by having Charlie Hides, the Drag Queen YouTube sensation who has rocked the virtual bingo world, host our show!

This fun and light-hearted virtual experience might just be the perfect thing for your team. 

After all, is there anything more gratifying than yelling “Bingo!”?

Themed Experiences

007 Cocktails and Casino Themed Party (US & UK)

Killer spy by the day, and washing it down with a down every night. Honestly, doesn’t everyone dream of being like James Bond?

Now, we’re sorry that we can’t promise you the fancy weapons, but we can arm your team with everything they’ll need to make their own 007 cocktails!

We all know how the spy likes his drink, “a Vodka Martine, shaken not stirred.” Is that what made him such a brilliant spy?

Well, you can definitely try your luck after we teach you how to make some of the spy’s favorite cocktails.

Isn’t it the perfect way for your team to Bond after a long week? *wink wink*

Casino Night (US & UK)

Have your entire team pull out their suits and gowns and try their luck — without losing anything!

With Avva’s Casino Night, your team will experience the excitement of a casino with none of the risks.

For participants who are not familiar with casino nights, our professional croupiers will teach you the ins and outs of the game and even share a few tips to beat the house!

You can choose between exciting games like Blackjack, Texas Hold Em’ Poker, and Three-Card Poker.

We will divide your team into small breakout rooms where they’ll bet their chips and try to climb the leader board. Players with the most chips at the end of the game will be crowned the ultimate winner of the night.

While casino nights are a brilliant way for your team to enjoy a night, you can also make the experience count by adding a fundraising element to your virtual casino night experience. 

How this works is that if your guests have run out of the money they were given in the beginning, they can purchase extra chips to get back into the race. This money will be donated to a charity of your choice.

Now, are you ready to try your luck at our tables?

Cocktail Party with Jazz Show (US & UK)

This is another fun cocktail mixing masterclass with a private jazz show!

If your remote team loves the 1920s, this Great Gatsby-inspired virtual experience is perfect for you.

An expert mixologist will help your team create three exquisite 1920’s inspired drinks. Of course, non-alcoholic packages will be delivered to members who choose not to drink.

We’re sure your team will enjoy sipping on their delicious cocktails while enjoying a live show by world-famous artists who have performed at venues like Royal Albert Hall and Lincoln Center!

Internationally celebrated holidays

International Women’s History Month

Women have fought for equal rights for ages, but it’s good to see that we have made significant progress in the last century or so. It’s essential to recognize their struggle to get where they are today and celebrate their accomplishments.

Women’s History Month is a global event that is just around the corner — the month of March. 

Of course, women deserve to be celebrated every single day of the year, but this month holds a special meaning and is the perfect opportunity to understand how far we’ve come and reflect on the struggles they still face. 

This month calls for a dedicated virtual experience that celebrates women worldwide (and the ones in your office, of course) and recognizes their accomplishments in history, culture, and society.

Virtual Standup

Standup has predominantly been a male-dominated industry; however, the comedy landscape has never been so diverse and inclusive!

You can choose from big names in the industry like Sara Barron, Jo Caulfield, and Tiff Stevenson and simply get ready to sit back and laugh your heart out!

Trivia Quiz

This virtual experience honors the achievements and importance of trailblazing women throughout history who strived to create a world where their future generations can experience the rights they never had. 

The quiz is designed to take a deep dive into the past while celebrating the bright future we can look forward to.

In addition to these, Avva offers several other fun virtual team-building experiences like Canvas Painting, Musical Bingo, and Caricature Challenge to celebrate Women’s History Month!

LGBTQ+ History Month 

The queer community deserves a lot more than just rainbow-colored flags to promote the company during Pride month.

LGBTQ+ History Month is celebrated in February, highlighting the history and accomplishments of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. 

By choosing a virtual experience to celebrate the queer community, you’re providing an excellent chance for your team to open an unbiased conversation and learn more about the achievements and struggles the community still faces. 

This is the first step towards building an LGBTQ+ inclusive workspace.

From Virtual Bingo with Charlie Hides to LGBTQ+ Trivia Quiz, there are several virtual experiences you can choose from!

Winter Olympics

Winter Olympics has been a blast, and you can surround yourself with the same charged atmosphere by hosting an Olympics-themed virtual team-building experience!

Doesn’t matter how young or old you are; everyone is guaranteed to have a great time playing, cheering (and of course, betting) on their favorite player.

From snowboarding to skiing, participants can compete against each other in different Virtual Olympic Themed Races.

You can also choose to treat your remote team to an evening of luxury and self-indulgence on the ski slopes with an Alpine-themed virtual cocktail party!

Final thoughts

Whilst it can be challenging to really bring a remote team together, that doesn’t mean they can’t get there with some proactive efforts from your side!

You can take advantage of Avva’s virtual team-building experiences to get your team to build a stronger connection.