“It was exactly what I needed, a virtual experience for remote workers in several different countries.”
Phil Legend

Virtual Experiences For International Groups

This range of fantastic virtual experiences can be enjoyed by international groups.

The content on all of these experiences is suitable for virtual events with global attendees.

For experiences that include the delivery of kits, international delivery options are available. (Some restrictions may apply).


What are virtual experiences for international groups?

Virtual experiences for international groups are online activities and experiences designed to bring together remote teams or groups from different countries. These virtual experiences usually take place via a video conferencing platform such as Zoom, MS Teams, Webex or Google Meets. 

Virtual experiences for international groups have been designed to be culturally inclusive, meaning the content of the activity is suitable regardless of the country a person is from. 

Where delivery of kits is required, our virtual experiences for international groups have international delivery options. Depending on the county a guest is based in, some restrictions may apply and there may be international delivery surcharges.

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What are virtual experiences for international groups used for?

Virtual experiences for international groups are ideal for when you want to connect a remote based team who are based across multiple countries. In this case these online activities can be used for virtual team building, virtual team socials and virtual company celebrations. 

If you have clients or prospects who are based across the world, virtual experiences for international groups can be used for multi-country virtual client and prospecting events

Not only are these experiences a highly effective way of connecting international groups, in comparison with international travel they are very cost effective and are also far more sustainable with a 94% smaller carbon footprint than in-person events.

Other Virtual Experiences For International Groups FAQs
  • What is the minimum lead time to arrange an international virtual event?

    We always recommend allowing as much time as possible when arranging an international virtual event, but understand that this isn’t always possible. For a virtual experience that doesn’t require delivery we recommend allowing at least 1-week, but ideally longer. For an international virtual experience that does require delivery of kits, this can vary by country, but we recommend allowing at least 3 or 4 weeks. (We do have solutions for those looking to arrange an event in a shorter lead time, so please get in touch if this is the case).

  • I have a hybrid team, are these virtual experiences for international groups suitable?

    Yes, nearly all of our virtual experiences can be run if part of your team is in the office and part of your team is remote.

  • How much should I budget for a virtual experience for international groups?

    The price of virtual experiences often vary according to your group size. For example a smaller group should expect to pay more per person, whilst a larger group will often pay less per person. Typically for a group of 20 people, we recommend budgeting £25-£40pp for an experience without delivery, but you can expect to pay less than this for larger groups. For an experience with delivery, these usually vary between £45-£150pp.

  • Is our virtual event attendee data safe with you?

    We take the security of your data extremely seriously and we are GDPR compliant. All attendee event data is deleted within 7-days after the event. You can view our data privacy policy.

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