The Ultimate Virtual Murder Mystery Team Challenge



  • Get ready for the ultimate virtual murder mystery team-building challenge
  • Working together in teams, you’ll need to decipher the clues and solve the case of “Mayfield Manor” before time runs out
  • As well as solving the crime, teams will be scored on their crime-solving abilities, so at the end we’ll know who the ultimate detectives are
  • Hosted by a live “Chief Detective” who will be your guide and adjudicator
  • This is a fun, immersive & competitive experience, ideal for small and large groups
  • All content is light-hearted and suitable for national and international audiences


  • 1-10 Attendees: £295 + VAT
  • 11-30 Attendees: £470 + VAT
  • 31-50 Attendees: £750 + VAT
  • 51-100 Attendees: £1,080 + VAT
  • 101-200 Attendees: £1,700 + VAT
  • 201-300 Attendees: £2,400 + VAT
  • 301-500 Attendees: £3,100 + VAT
  • 500+ Attendees: £POA

Booking details

  • Bookings available 24/7 in all time zones (based on availability)
  • A hosting fee may also apply



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Full Experience Details

Get ready for the ultimate virtual murder mystery team-building challenge.

In this immersive experience, you’ll work together in teams of 3-8ppl to decipher the clues and solve the case of “Mayfield Manor”. Clues and tasks will include analysing evidence such as maps and letters, cracking codes and deducing if what the 4 suspects have told us is true.

You’ll take on the role of “Junior Officers” who as well as solving the crime, will be scored on your crime-solving abilities so at the end we’ll know who the ultimate detectives are.

This is a lighthearted, immersive and competitive experience, that is appropriate for all occasions. The experience can be run for groups sized 5-500 and has content suitable for national and international audiences.

The “Mayfield Manor” Storyline…

We have been called to Mayfield Manor, home of Lord & Lady Mayfield. Lord Mayfield one of the country’s richest men, has been found dead in the manor’s rose garden ahead of the annual society ball. The murderer has been narrowed down to 4 suspects, Lady Mayfield, Groundskeeper Colin, Housekeeper Hattie & Digby Holtby-Johnston. We have 50 minutes to solve the case, before the guests arrive and ruin our crime scene. 


–> You’ll be welcomed by your high-energy host “Chief Detective Winklebot”, who’ll introduce the experience and explain the rules.
–> We will then split you into teams of 3-8ppl. These teams can be chosen by you or can be randomly assigned. (For groups 50+ teams will be randomly assigned).
–> You’ll then work through 4 rounds of evidence. In each one new clues will be given to you including maps, coded emails, suspect interviews and more.
–> After each round you’ll head into your teams to answer questions and challenges on the clues you’ve seen. Points will be awarded on how you answer these.
–> At the end you’ll need to decide who you think the guilty person is.
–> The experience will end with a reveal of the guilty suspect along with announcing the winning team.

  • Q: What platform is this experience run on? A: We run this experience on Zoom as standard, but we can also run on MS Teams, Google Meets & Webex.
  • Q: Can we run this experience on our own meeting link? A: We run this on our own event link as standard and will send you the link for you to share with your guests after you book. But, if you prefer we can also run this on your own company event link.
  • Q: Is this event hosted? A: Yes, this experience is hosted by a live Chief Detective host. Depending on the size of your event there will also be 1-5 Avva Event Technicians running the tech side of your event.
  • Q: Do we need to prepare anything ahead of the event? A: No, your guests just turn up and enjoy the experience.
  • Q: Is this experience suitable for global audiences? A: Yes, we design the content of our game shows to be suitable for global audiences.
  • Q: Can we select the teams? A: For groups under 50 teams can either be random or selected by you. For groups over 50 this is done randomly.
Terms & Conditions
  • Full payment is required upon confirmation of your booking. Invoices can be paid either via card or transfer.
  • A full refund can be made on cancellations more than 30 days prior to a scheduled event.
  • You can change the date or time of your experience up to 14 days prior to a scheduled event based on availability.
  • If you’d like to set us up as an official supplier, please send over any vendor supplier forms for review.
  • Full terms and conditions available here.

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