An introduction to Online Magic Shows
Expect the unexpected as you prepare to have your mind blown by professional magicians.

Prepare to be amazed

Magic might be the most universal form of entertainment and the same can be said for virtual magic shows.

From the wow factor of the magic to the entertainment of the host and the company of the group. Virtual magic shows are designed to take your breath away, wow and amaze you from start to finish.

Virtual magicians are one of our most popular options for virtual corporate events. Their sleight of hand, vanishing acts and even mind-reading make for an interactive session that will have your attendees speechless.

An online magic show is an incredible piece of entertainment.

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Why choose a virtual magic show?

Entertaining your team by organising remote corporate events such as online magic shows is a great way to reward them, connect with colleagues and dazzle your prospective clients.

Remote and hybrid working is here to stay. As businesses around the country, and the world, adapt to the changes in how we work, more and more people are choosing hybrid working.

Productivity, work-life balance, and mental well-being are all on the up, but teams are spending less time together and finding time to connect with your colleagues and direct reports is vital.

Let’s face it, leading remote teams or working with remote clients is difficult. Communication is different, interactions might be less spontaneous. The organisations that are succeeding in this new hybrid world are the ones prioritising relationships.

Not just finding time, but making time to connect. Be it through virtual networking events or by organising virtual entertainment, such as virtual magic shows.

Our virtual magic shows are hand chosen by our expert team and we can tailor each event to make sure it’s as entertaining and as valuable to your group as possible.

We’ve worked with some of the most progressive employers in the world. And aside from our glowing testimonials, we’ve had feedback that demonstrates the value placed on these events including; higher staff satisfaction, greater staff retention, improved productivity and increased motivation.

Why book with us?
Our magic show experiences receive incredible feedback
Event Specialists help you every step of the way
You’ll be assigned a personal Event Specialist
International Delivery of corporate hampers
We can deliver our experiences to 60+ countries
You're choosing to minimise your carbon footprint

How long does a magic show? 

Our virtual magic shows last anywhere between 20 and 60 minutes depending on the package and magician you choose, but you’re welcome to stay in the virtual room as long as you like after the show has finished. 

Can I request custom tricks? 

Our magicians can create custom or branded tricks for those who request this.

Will the shows be interactive? 

All of our online magic shows are highly interactive. Expect lots of audience interaction throughout the event.

Who are your magicians? 

We only use the best magicians who have had specific training and experience in running virtual magic shows for corporate clients.

Are your shows suitable for international audiences?

Yes! We’ve created these for a global audience.

Can we also send gift-baskets to attendees?

Yes! We can arrange for gift-baskets to be sent to attendees as an optional extra. We have a wide range of gift-baskets to choose from.

What platform do you run your events on?

We run our events on Zoom as standard, but can also run these on Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, Webex or any other platform.

How do I book in?

Just send us an enquiry via a button on this page or by emailing [email protected] or calling (415) 707-2908

What to expect from your virtual magic show

Working with our experts to organise your online magician is the best way to create the perfect virtual event. We’ve hosted thousands of virtual events for more than 1,000 companies around the world and we know exactly how to make it memorable.

Choose from our range of virtual magicians and illusionists. Group sizes can range from just 3 people to 1,000+ and we can take bookings on all global time zones. Our hosts are a dab hand at tailoring the event to make it as personal or as engaging as possible to make sure every attendee has the best time.

We look forward to welcoming you on a virtual magic show soon. 🙂

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